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Questions and Answers on family law

Fachanwalt für Familienrecht

When it comes to your own family, you want to do everything right from the start, so it's best to turn straight to a family law specialist.

International Family Law

International family law takes place where the most personal and international rules and treaties touch each other.

Law on alimony

In order to be permanently responsible for your own child or former partner, you must first be able to secure your own livelihood. The right to Alimony moves in this area of tension.

Parental custody / Visitation Rights

Both parents want the best for their children. This desire survives the separation. To achieve this together, cooperation is important.

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Pension equalization

The longer you have been married, the more pressing becomes the question how a divorce will affect your pension later on.

Matrimonial property law

The more you have achieved together, the more you can argue about it later. That is why precaution is particularly important in this situation.

Contest paternity

When there are doubts about paternity, the time element takes on special significance.

Alimony from abroad

When the responsible parent resides in another country, it becomes more difficult to settle child support.

Taxes and divorce

Just like marriage, separation and divorce also have a significant impact on income tax assessment.

Health insurance coverage after separation and divorce

One of the most pressing questions that arise during a separation is how to secure continued health insurance coverage.

Family Law

"All happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Lev Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

In the case of family disputes, those affected find themselves in an emotional and often also economic state of emergency and are confronted with a confusing and complex legal situation, which is also constantly changing. It is therefore advisable to go straight to a specialist family law attorney, who is familiar with the particularities of family law through his daily practice and who keeps himself constantly up to date with the latest legal developments through further training.


In the case of binational families, the legal situation becomes even more confusing because several legal systems compete with each other, the application of which sometimes leads to radically different results. Special experience and knowledge is needed in this area to ensure that the opportunities offered by the applicability of several legal systems are used and the risks are not overlooked.

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